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“This is a time in our history when humankind has realized it desperately
needs to make a meaningful reconnection to Nature.”

This is a time in our history when humankind has realized it desperately needs to make a meaningful reconnection to Nature. Through that reconnection we can develop an appreciation and respect for Nature that will benefit both to us as individuals and our environment.

As a tour operator our philosophy is that of slow travel where we try and have our travelers connect to the soul of the places visited rather than ticking them off on a bucket list.

At Thor Travel enabling this reconnection to Nature is central to who we are as a company and how we operate. Our group sizes are never more than 19, which allows our guides to offer a more personal service and get to know our travelers and their interests. The small group size also means we can be more flexible and innovative in what we do and where we go.

We´re also very conscious of wanting to have our travelers meet the locals and learn more about everyday life in Iceland. This is a way of personalizing your Icelandic experience and enriching your impressions of the country and the people who call it home.

Finally, we aim to offer value for money. This we do through our professional management, our carefully thought-out itineraries, and our experienced guides.

Choosing Thor Travel will allow you to see some of the most spectacular and diverse natural treasures of this incredible land. The beauty of what you see should touch your soul and make you appreciate the fragility of our natural environment and the need to protect it.


The team

Bjarni Gaukur

Founder and owner / Manager / Driver / Guide / Driver guide


Bjarni Gaukur is no stranger to the Icelandic tourist industry. He´s the former Country Manager for the leading global company Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT). In addition, he was the Operating Supervisor for Reykjavik Excursions, a major tour operator in Iceland. However, Bjarni´s expertise and know-how goes well beyond management, he´s also a trained guide and licensed to drive heavy vehicles.

Years of involvement in Icelandic tourism at every level means that Bjarni knows exactly what travelers are looking for and appreciate when visiting the Land of Ice and Fire. With his knowledge of the country and its culture, his professionalism and dedication, you couldn´t be in better hands when it comes to exploring Iceland.

As an exchange student in the US Bjarni became passionate about basketball and still plays today. Any LA Lakers fans will be welcomed as brothers in arms! In addition to sports, Bjarni likes nothing better than to head off camping with the family and discover new and remote places to explore in beautiful Iceland.




Versatility and wanderlust is probably the best way to describe Júlía. She was born and partially raised in Iceland but also partially raised in Berlin; in fact, her evil alter ego is quite German.

When she’s not driving a zodiac between icebergs along the coasts of Greenland or hiking across the Icelandic highlands, she spends her free time dancing her way through Latin America. She holds a degree in English and historical linguistics from the Humboldt University in Berlin, a degree in psychology from Würzburg University and she additionally studied tour guiding at the University of Iceland.

But she promises to neither correct your grammar nor psychoanalyze you but simply take you on an adventure through Iceland’s beautiful and unique nature.

Neil McMahon



Neil´s story is essentially that he goes off a plane in Iceland in 1974 and never left. Initially the plan was to stay one year to do post-graduate study in history. Half a century later this Irishman proudly calls Iceland home and is an Icelandic citizen.

With a background in history, literature and film, Neil has turned his hand to a variety of occupations through the years. He´s taught at all levels of the Icelandic educational system, worked on documentaries and film scripts and written articles for international publications.

For three decades he´s been a lecturer in the Icelandic Guide School and has worked extensively as a guide in Iceland and Greenland.
In his spare time, he enjoys finding new places to explore, both in Iceland and abroad. His daily routine includes an invigorating swim in one of Reykjavik´s fine swimming pools followed by two minutes sitting in the ice tub.